13 次代码提交 (328a9132d5b3cfaf1f42788ace8f5174b122b15b)

作者 SHA1 备注 提交日期
  Ben Kurtovic 328a9132d5 Let modules request scopes; add missing docstrings. 7 年前
  Ben Kurtovic dfa695bb83 Add structure and supporting code for modules; add Campaigns module. 7 年前
  Ben Kurtovic 9da51282ee Add modules to config; recast corp title as h1. 7 年前
  Ben Kurtovic 79b88d4d08 Better session expiry handling, storing creation timestamp in cookie. 7 年前
  Ben Kurtovic 52ffd35abc Add custom 404. 7 年前
  Ben Kurtovic 463143095b Clean up styles and make them configurable. 7 年前
  Ben Kurtovic 1d511fe4d4 Add calefaction.enable_logging() function. 7 年前
  Ben Kurtovic 493de28a5d Add clean message flashing, error handling. 7 年前
  Ben Kurtovic d29d4b12cd Flesh out database, authentication, EVE SSO, docstrings. 7 年前
  Ben Kurtovic a8bf24b19a Add basic database, session management. 7 年前
  Ben Kurtovic a290942e7a Restructure template inheritance and add sample config. 7 年前
  Ben Kurtovic 7b49e002d9 Update styles, flesh out more. 7 年前
  Ben Kurtovic fce7e1c4ee Flask basics, style. 7 年前