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作成者 SHA1 メッセージ 日付
  Ben Kurtovic adf73770fe Enable sorting on operation pages. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 670d219be0 Use horizontal list for operation details table cell. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic ed5a56ad4a Slightly lower main font brightness. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 37fbd63a3c Show last updated time in operations. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 4e3ed75917 Retry ESI queries once. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 988a567bc1 Implement individual operation pages. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 4d3d43e130 Put user style last. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic fa61ba3e33 Refactor templates and split off static CSS/JS for modules. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic bb51e2ab1e Add individual values to campaign item board. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 52a0d9a291 Add rendering code for campaign item boards. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic d762d0dfab Disable session expiry in debug mode. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic a520f89074 Bugfix for ESI 403 Forbidden errors. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 12c0ebe774 Add types to universe data and implement collection campaigns op type. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 8b0d9570b1 Align differently-sized operation columns nicely. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic fb4afca243 Add assets to campaigns' scopes if required. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic ea13819619 Fix up qualifiers; working demo. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic cffb98229c Add killable objects (ships, etc.) to universe data. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic c9a7325f01 Add faction sovereignty information to universe data. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 462785f0fa Add script to import SDE; add universe loading code. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic e390f83bf8 Display system name, security status for kills in campaign overview. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 3678aeb05a Add stubs for EVE universe data. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 9ade2b55e2 Store kill entity names in campaigns database. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 6c331ee827 Add more nuanced/cleaner styling for campaign summaries. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic a725458781 Use base64-encoded SVG for Firefox. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic fccc9c33d7 Retry failing zKillboard queries once. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 13b7d10ecc Add renderers for campaign summary info; flesh out. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic b57a6b362b Fix ImageServer API links. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic a43bb9b13c Add template module cache dir. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 9d0eadc35f Use 'flask run' instead of './app'. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 8dd4e6c7f1 Add zKillboard API support; implement most of campaign updating. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic de863465d2 Campaign module style tweaks. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic b7bb0f61d8 Add database to campaigns module; flesh out more. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 16d093df71 Refactor campaigns module and extend. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 5ec7980180 Improve campaign operations column spacing. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic cfe9819389 Fix campaign when used as homepage. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic c6a91161bb Add campaign operations, some styling, demo. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 6ea69e5a08 Show disabled campaigns with a flag; placeholder for invalid char IDs. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic f8713d9357 Allow accessing individual campaigns directly. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic a28c3d8635 make flashes dismissible. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 9a4c10ff74 Fix titles for error routes. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 9880e8d66f Standardize title generation. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 493a077e48 Fix status codes on internal error. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic e4cb5306c3 Missing import. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic d992f92d5a Redirect after /settings/campaign instead of 204. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic eedacfb594 request.args -> request.form for POST 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 506deb24cd Add dropdown for campaign selection; titles. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 8b23005570 Properly escape login link for safety. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic fbc9d8142c Create special EVEAPIForbiddenError exception; catch in members module. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic 75cd3945de Teach ESI cache about private responses. 6年前
  Ben Kurtovic dda18add9a Display empty member list correctly. 6年前