A corporation manager and dashboard for EVE Online
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Ben Kurtovic 2bc214cd4a Fix reusing ESI query builder. 4 лет назад
eve Fix reusing ESI query builder. 4 лет назад
modules Extend ZKill killmail data to include entity names. 4 лет назад
__init__.py Fix up header styling when logged in. 5 лет назад
auth.py Add types to universe data and implement collection campaigns op type. 5 лет назад
config.py Add stubs for EVE universe data. 5 лет назад
database.py License year update; raise session auto-expiry a lot. 5 лет назад
exceptions.py Add zKillboard API support; implement most of campaign updating. 5 лет назад
format.py Fix security status calculation. 5 лет назад
messages.py Add clean message flashing, error handling. 5 лет назад
module.py Add database to campaigns module; flesh out more. 5 лет назад
util.py Fix status codes on internal error. 5 лет назад