891 Commits (develop)

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  Ben Kurtovic 4e63226f6b Fix setup.py test invocation (#263) 1 week ago
  Ben Kurtovic 90b47f09e9 Add find_packages() back to setup.py (fixes #263) 1 week ago
  Ben Kurtovic 297bcb0cee Move mwparserfromhell to src/ dir 2 weeks ago
  Ben Kurtovic 074e368684 Clean up pytest-ported tests 2 weeks ago
  Ben Kurtovic e877a9ded0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'legoktm/pytest' into develop 2 weeks ago
  Ben Kurtovic 8d6468fbce Update changelog 2 weeks ago
  Jakub Klinkovský bb51e8f282
Some fixes for the parsing of external links (#232) 4 weeks ago
  Ben Kurtovic cccbd3ef11 Version bump 4 weeks ago
  Ben Kurtovic 0f05dfa546 release/0.6 4 weeks ago
  Ben Kurtovic 2721de2447 Drop Python 3.5 Windows wheels 4 weeks ago
  Ben Kurtovic 895730681a Update changelog and update AppVeyor config 4 weeks ago
  Jakub Klinkovský 90061b6844
Fix parsing of section headings inside templates (#233) 4 weeks ago
  Ben Kurtovic b7b3b2e33e Update changelog; minor tweak to file headers 4 weeks ago
  Ben Kurtovic d36aa34997 Don't use f-strings; we still support Python 3.5 4 weeks ago
  Ben Kurtovic 1c983d3738 Assorted cleanup, linter fixes, and improvements for Python 3 4 weeks ago
  Ben Kurtovic 237798a17e Update tag definitions 4 weeks ago
  Kunal Mehta 786b08828b
Build wheels for Python 3.9 too (#262) 1 month ago
  kishor kunal raj c1dabcfd66
Adding ppc64le architecture support on travis-ci (#260) 1 month ago
  Ben Kurtovic d650f827b3 Drop EOL Python 3.4 support 4 months ago
  AntiCompositeNumber f241829d37
Make nodes.template.Template a bit more dict-like (#252) 4 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 8c4b5928eb
Merge pull request #240 from legoktm/macos-wheels 11 months ago
  Kunal Mehta 6e144d3657 Use Github Actions to build macOS wheels 11 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 6ff88262af Pointless changes to action 11 months ago
  Kunal Mehta 8fdf75ccad Use Github Actions to build manylinux1 wheels 11 months ago
  Kunal Mehta 03181bcd8b Port tests to use pytest 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 93f704f05f
Merge pull request #234 from legoktm/python2-rm 1 year ago
  Kunal Mehta 91ed26d864 Set python_requires in setup.py to ">= 3.4" 1 year ago
  Kunal Mehta 7e5297fbe6 Drop Python 2 support 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic ea9b5ce0e2
Merge pull request #230 from nyurik/move-smartlist 1 year ago
  Yuri Astrakhan 4065624150 updated comment/license 1 year ago
  Yuri Astrakhan aa37425a9b move smart_list into sub-package/multiple files 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 3fcbe7b404
Merge pull request #228 from nyurik/org 1 year ago
  Yuri Astrakhan ce4254fd19 ignore InteliJ IDEA files 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 416c7f6b78
Merge pull request #225 from nyurik/patch-2 1 year ago
  Yuri Astrakhan e66a2db0ed
add missing public items to __all__ 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 1d5db41751 Add Python 3.8 to CI 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 56e776a578 Update .travis.yml test running 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic b09b619709 Switch to 'unittest discover' over 'setup.py test' 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic b3c98efd22 Fix a parsing bug involving deeply nested style tags (fixes #224) 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 2a4e1f4316 Add contexts.describe() for debugging 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic ee99c7bd41 Experiment concluded 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 83b58655ea Experiment with DeepSource 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic b6e4c59004 Switch to requests for basic API example (closes #219); update links 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 6136b1b205 Make Wikicode.matches() treat _ and space as equivalent (fixes #216) 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 9965709934 Version bump; update release script; update Travis 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 18646f712f release/0.5.4 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 8c5f554406 Add guard against a rare crash in the C tokenizer 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 98dc30902d Version bump 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 3d116713b2 release/0.5.3 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic fa98aad408 Bump copyright [skip ci] 1 year ago