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  Ben Kurtovic 1d5db41751 Add Python 3.8 to CI 1 day ago
  Ben Kurtovic 56e776a578 Update .travis.yml test running 1 day ago
  Ben Kurtovic b09b619709 Switch to 'unittest discover' over 'setup.py test' 1 day ago
  Ben Kurtovic b3c98efd22 Fix a parsing bug involving deeply nested style tags (fixes #224) 1 day ago
  Ben Kurtovic 2a4e1f4316 Add contexts.describe() for debugging 1 day ago
  Ben Kurtovic ee99c7bd41 Experiment concluded 3 days ago
  Ben Kurtovic 83b58655ea Experiment with DeepSource 2 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic b6e4c59004 Switch to requests for basic API example (closes #219); update links 3 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 6136b1b205 Make Wikicode.matches() treat _ and space as equivalent (fixes #216) 5 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 9965709934 Version bump; update release script; update Travis 6 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 18646f712f release/0.5.4 6 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 8c5f554406 Add guard against a rare crash in the C tokenizer 6 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 98dc30902d Version bump 8 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 3d116713b2 release/0.5.3 8 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic fa98aad408 Bump copyright [skip ci] 8 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 4775131717 Fix not memoizing bad routes after failing inside a table (fixes #206) 8 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 6e61c99c90 Update API query example; clarify docstring 8 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 708bee59e1 Minor cleanup 9 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 83bcb902b8 Support manual construction of Node objects (fixes #214) 9 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 0ae5f6d641 Fix regression in previous commit on _ListProxy transformations (fixes #213) 9 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 840a88bcd6 Fix Wikicode transformation methods on empty sections (fixes #212) 9 months ago
  Ben Kurtovic 2c0b9e5795 Version bump, fix release script again [ci skip] 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 8a88198aae release/0.5.2 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 5ce918e007 Update changelog [ci skip] 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic a21d0d6946
Proper README syntax highlighting 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 2c206bc16b Fix crash due to PyList_GET_SIZE being applied to a dict (fixes #208) 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 62fce8f1ee Apply previous commit (59369e3) to docs [ci skip] 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 02151e24f7
Merge pull request #207 from BryghtShadow/patch-1 [ci-skip] 1 year ago
  Shii Kayano 59369e3c35
fix example: wrap dict.values in list() 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 6de7d41733 Fix signals getting stuck inside the C tokenizer (#206) 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic de6e671c40 Update changelog, remove now-unneeded test discovery script, cleanup 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 563901fa95
Merge pull request #204 from hugovk/rm-eol 1 year ago
  Hugo f372d3d495 Upgrade unit test asserts 1 year ago
  Hugo e457b39f32 Upgrade Python syntax with pyupgrade https://github.com/asottile/pyupgrade 1 year ago
  Hugo 59636609db Drop support for EOL Python 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 2bb2728428 Update changelog [ci skip] 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 0df048424a
Merge pull request #200 from legoktm/wbr 1 year ago
  Kunal Mehta e506380318 Add <wbr> to definitions.py 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 92237003d9 Try to fix appveyor issues. 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic b354c56755 Version bump; cleanup [ci skip] 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic cb96b4378a release/0.5.1 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic d0da416e3e Make release script safer. 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 1a4e2fc019 Add Python 3.7 to trove classifiers. 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 86c805d59b Don't get stuck in tags with unclosed quoted attributes (fixes #190). 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 46000ee7c8 Fix test on old Python versions 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 253102be35 Minor change to template test_formatting format. 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 7a30e47f76 Some improvements to whitespace recognition; unit tests (#185). 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 46fbd85c2e Typo [ci skip] 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic cdc97f6f29 Version bump for 0.6 [ci skip] 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic f947ee5900 Merge develop into master (release/0.5) 2 years ago