A tool that evaluates high-risk Wikipedia templates https://tools.wmflabs.org/earwig-dev/tif
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This is a tool that calculates the Template Influence Factor of a Wikipedia template, which is a measure of how high risk it is, for the purposes of anti-vandalism. It runs on Wikimedia Labs.



  • Install all dependencies listed above.

  • Create an SQL database based on schema.sql on the same server as your MediaWiki database.

  • Create an earwigbot instance in .earwigbot (run earwigbot .earwigbot). In .earwigbot/config.yml, fill out the connection info for the database by adding the following to the wiki section:

          host: <hostname of database server>
          db:   <name of database>

    If additional arguments are needed by oursql.connect(), like usernames or passwords, they should be added to the _tifSQL section.

  • Start the web server (on Tool Labs, webservice2 uwsgi-python start).