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A console script that allows you to easily update multiple git repositories at once

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A Python parser for MediaWiki wikicode

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Python 1 0

A Python robot that edits Wikipedia and interacts with people over IRC

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Additional IRC commands and bot tasks for EarwigBot

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Personal website

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JavaScript 1 0

A Chrome extension that gives you finer control over scores

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Mako 1 0

A copyright violation detector running on Wikimedia Cloud Services

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Python 1 0

A semantic search engine for source code

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C 1 0

An emulator, assembler, and disassembler for the Sega Game Gear

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Python 1 0

A corporation manager and dashboard for EVE Online

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JavaScript 1 0

A Wikipedia user script to automate common TfD operations

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Ruby 1 0

A code autograder for student homework submissions

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A tool that evaluates high-risk Wikipedia templates

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Java 1 0

A simple Game of Life implementation in Java

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Python 1 0

A Tk-based program that can help you prepare for your music final with randomly-generated listening quizzes

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