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  Ben Kurtovic 92db937a31
Merge pull request #81 from earwig/dependabot/maven/parsers/java/junit-junit-4.13.1 3 years ago
  dependabot[bot] 3b9c9a26ca
Bump junit from 4.11 to 4.13.1 in /parsers/java 3 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 3cb896eef7 Add database script hints 5 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic ee3f6616a2 Fix sitemap URL. 9 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 462e4bcca0 Minor about page parallax style edit. 9 years ago
  Severyn Kozak feae14ab1a Embed our NYTM demo video in the about page. 9 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 5e834e657f Add links for non-developers to README. 9 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 0427dabbe5 Fix UI codelet metadata duplicate comma bug. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 1fc123a57d Fix initing lexer. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic ab163f6b3d Fix lexer selection a bit. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic d7432b3103 Reapply 41396b1c79. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak e550c0d3aa Fix error message insertion for 0 search results. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 82f44c47ed Replace scalable-video JS solution with pure CSS. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 54cbd29e42 Reformat about.html, embed vimeo demo video. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 72f21b7b9e Fix line-numbers gap in /docs code sample. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic bd7ec4552a Return empty symbol dictionary instead of None. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic f38ba20780 Fix varname clash. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic fd556d9e9e MySQL, how could you do something like that? 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 1002b3c179 New stopword list. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic e1422b3060 Whoops. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 83d6fbd37d Give anchors styling in the docs. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic a73d080625 CSS tweaks. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 8b379b5cad Fix spacing. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic e64c4924f4 API documentation, fixes, support not highlighting (closes #56). 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 523217eae3 Update /developers an "under construction" message 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 65d2529a33 Use DEFINE instead of ASSIGN. Be consistent. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 41396b1c79 Benjamin Kurtovic -> Ben Kurtovic 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 5f483cc235 Add some unit tests; fix #74. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic d31c49b1fd parsing.jar, exclude. 10 years ago
  Benjamin Attal a6c48845dd Fix subprocess error in java 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak c1764c8b6a Fix advanced-search form query bug. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 54dfe93e8a Fix filenames as unicode. 10 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic a748baf83f Fix authors as unicode. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 334f6493ff Merge branch 'feature/docs' into develop 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 647eaf2a4c Add _logo.sass, add logo to docs page. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 912c8e9591 Add content and styling to docs page. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 764398c274 Work on #74. Add docs route, partly-skeleton page. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 7debb99461 Add submit button to adv-search form. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak d08d04c860 Fix error-message bug; mod anchor styling. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 2155622329 Fix accidental typo in app.py. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 9f007e8d65 Fix lack of autocompl; change input field names. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 81126ab3e8 Rem footer animations; fix language mis-alignment. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak b0c59ba61f Merge branch 'feature/results-styling' into develop 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 23d6f903be Mod results styling, enforce max attr length. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 508a421c45 Change advanced-search button, mod error messages. 10 years ago
  Benjamin Attal 3fd25b944e Change parser commands into subprocesses rather than servers. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 484202bd18 Add variable 404 messages. Close #70. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 754c951389 Scale bio images to a smaller size. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 109504666e Add real bios/photos to /about. 10 years ago
  Severyn Kozak 3243d7b3b2 Fix createResult() attribute names. 10 years ago