A semantic search engine for source code https://bitshift.benkurtovic.com/
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bitshift is a semantic search engine for source code developed by Benjamin Attal, Ben Kurtovic, and Severyn Kozak. This README is intended for developers only. For a user overview of the project:


  • master: working, tested, version-numbered code - no direct commits; should only accept merges from develop when ready to release
  • develop: integration branch with unreleased but mostly functional code - direct commits allowed but should be minor
  • feature/*: individual components of the project with untested, likely horribly broken code - branch off from and merge into develop when done


bitshift uses SASS for styling; compile the stylesheets to CSS with sass --watch static/sass/:static/css.


To build documentation, run make html from the docs subdirectory. You can then browse from docs/build/html/index.html.

To automatically update the API documentation structure (necessary when adding new modules or packages, but not when adding functions or changing docstrings), run sphinx-apidoc -fo docs/source/api bitshift from the project root. Note that this will revert any custom changes made to the files in docs/source/api, so you might want to update them by hand instead.


  • Update __version__ in bitshift/__init__.py, version in setup.py, and version and release in docs/conf.py.