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  Ben Kurtovic 0a26fc6200 Version bump 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic be4746f73d release/0.6.3 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic c7d1c3d660 Add pre-commit hooks 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 8cd0bdb322 Autoformat: black + clang-format + clang-tidy 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 911d7e5f88 Clean up external links parsing logic and fix integer conversion 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic 10e63cd452 Update changelog 1 year ago
  odidev 3a9d63fccb
Add linux aarch64 wheel build support (#276) 1 year ago
  Ben Kurtovic dcf7ba4e79 Version bump 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 439e4c6d50 release/0.6.2 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 95209b9c21 Fix release error 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 5166515fa1 release/0.6.1 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic dd6d0c9b3b Update Linux wheel build script, part 2 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 89e3a300db Update Linux wheel build script 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic fac60dee48 Fix parsing of nested wikilinks 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 4e63226f6b Fix setup.py test invocation (#263) 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 90b47f09e9 Add find_packages() back to setup.py (fixes #263) 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 297bcb0cee Move mwparserfromhell to src/ dir 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 074e368684 Clean up pytest-ported tests 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic e877a9ded0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'legoktm/pytest' into develop 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 8d6468fbce Update changelog 2 years ago
  Jakub Klinkovský bb51e8f282
Some fixes for the parsing of external links (#232) 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic cccbd3ef11 Version bump 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 0f05dfa546 release/0.6 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 2721de2447 Drop Python 3.5 Windows wheels 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 895730681a Update changelog and update AppVeyor config 2 years ago
  Jakub Klinkovský 90061b6844
Fix parsing of section headings inside templates (#233) 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic b7b3b2e33e Update changelog; minor tweak to file headers 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic d36aa34997 Don't use f-strings; we still support Python 3.5 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 1c983d3738 Assorted cleanup, linter fixes, and improvements for Python 3 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 237798a17e Update tag definitions 2 years ago
  Kunal Mehta 786b08828b
Build wheels for Python 3.9 too (#262) 2 years ago
  kishor kunal raj c1dabcfd66
Adding ppc64le architecture support on travis-ci (#260) 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic d650f827b3 Drop EOL Python 3.4 support 2 years ago
  AntiCompositeNumber f241829d37
Make nodes.template.Template a bit more dict-like (#252) 2 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 8c4b5928eb
Merge pull request #240 from legoktm/macos-wheels 3 years ago
  Kunal Mehta 6e144d3657 Use Github Actions to build macOS wheels 3 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 6ff88262af Pointless changes to action 3 years ago
  Kunal Mehta 8fdf75ccad Use Github Actions to build manylinux1 wheels 3 years ago
  Kunal Mehta 03181bcd8b Port tests to use pytest 3 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 93f704f05f
Merge pull request #234 from legoktm/python2-rm 3 years ago
  Kunal Mehta 91ed26d864 Set python_requires in setup.py to ">= 3.4" 3 years ago
  Kunal Mehta 7e5297fbe6 Drop Python 2 support 3 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic ea9b5ce0e2
Merge pull request #230 from nyurik/move-smartlist 3 years ago
  Yuri Astrakhan 4065624150 updated comment/license 3 years ago
  Yuri Astrakhan aa37425a9b move smart_list into sub-package/multiple files 3 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 3fcbe7b404
Merge pull request #228 from nyurik/org 3 years ago
  Yuri Astrakhan ce4254fd19 ignore InteliJ IDEA files 3 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 416c7f6b78
Merge pull request #225 from nyurik/patch-2 3 years ago
  Yuri Astrakhan e66a2db0ed
add missing public items to __all__ 3 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 1d5db41751 Add Python 3.8 to CI 3 years ago