100 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Li f37ad33eab Hey look, a typo. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic f03613f9e5 Sprial pattern for Conway4 default. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 2f8ea8dfba Better setup() for Conway4; fix funky markdown in readme; safety. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 0805e35943 Readme. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 43bd89d798 Add some method documentation. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic caba61674e What's the point of these? 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 493985b8af Update build.xml. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic a2f40ce25c Make compilation with javac possible. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic fceb8329d0 Fix some widths/heights. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 5fbcbb123e Move the setup code for each rule to their respective files. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 4ab26e5a48 Drawing patches should make more sense now. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 38091d3d07 Dekker's algorithm so randomize()/clear() don't clash with run(). 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic e0161200d8 Why are the buttons bold? 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 495641524e Reset Golfish. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic c4dfaebc23 Slightly improved times for getting patch neighbors. 9 years ago
  Josh Hofing 92baf11e7d Made Brian's Brain MUCH more efficient. 9 years ago
  Josh Hofing d50dbb417a Don't fill new grids unless we need it. 9 years ago
  Josh Hofing 8dd74bb794 Get rid of a useless check that doesn't check the right things anyways. 9 years ago
  Josh Hofing d1a501fafa I had the line commented by accident. OOPS. 9 years ago
  Josh Hofing ecd30d5f7e One line change, make rendering far more efficient. 9 years ago
  Lee 1fe3afa516 Patches stay when changing algorithms 9 years ago
  Lee a27f325522 Let's try Arial. 9 years ago
  Lee 5edfc2cb64 Redundancy is redundant. 9 years ago
  Lee c9fb50afcf Changed mouse handling, menu bar width 9 years ago
  Lee 0b21556a57 Go draw some blue lines in Brian's Brain. Right mouse button. 9 years ago
  Lee 45006aaf8b Better mouse handling 9 years ago
  Josh Hofing da3daefe05 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:earwig/goldfish 9 years ago
  Josh Hofing e800be6f33 Now you can toggle the state, and it isn't spazzy! 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 36b07313fb rm unused attribute 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 7d451dfbca General cleanup for consistency. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic c1598b6baa Title holds algorithm. 9 years ago
  Lee 03b94d7862 Cool gun is cool. 9 years ago
  Lee d8e487e71e Menu bar was wider than image 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic b606aa1796 Fix getWidth()/getHeight(), so non-square grids work. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic a23aee72f1 Remove unnecessary menu 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic e28462bcf8 Tabs -> Spaces 9 years ago
  Lee b4b645a12b Slider 9 years ago
  Lee 52c640d3dd Removed ItemListener, added Random button 9 years ago
  Lee c6fba23c2b Better pause/reset/clear buttons. 9 years ago
  Josh Hofing a35a45f3ea PRETTY COLORS. :D 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 0bc0510e8c Selecting rules from the menu should work now. 9 years ago
  Lee a63355cbeb Faster clearing/updating of pixels 9 years ago
  Lee 8da67bb2f9 Placeholder menu, working pause button. 9 years ago
  Lee 4bc4696909 Soft tabs, line feed. 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 63ca5e50f1 Removing old label thing for patches 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic 842052e5df Remove old threading code 9 years ago
  Ben Kurtovic f03f4e07d7 Some improved mouse handling code. 9 years ago
  Lee 07b8b96e61 I heard you like gliders. 9 years ago
  Lee 42a9dab6aa Drawing works now. 9 years ago
  Lee 7b8338d188 No scaling if width, height are greater than 256 9 years ago